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Packing tips for your family flight bag

Walking through the airport weighed down like an ass carrying all the kids crap one needs for a four hour flight, as well as a small child on my hip, it occurred to me that there must be a better way to pack a carry on bag. And indeed there is!

With the benefit of hindsight I have created a video that has loads of tips for family travel.

  • What you need in your bag
  • What type of bag to use
  • What children's entertainment to include
  • What absolute essentials to pack! 

I'm off on my first girls weekend away since having children, so if you're interested in what I am packing for that then let me know. 

Next week's video is all about the essential items that you should take on a family holiday in the sun and the products I loved and hated. 

  • The hoodie in the video is from Kimba Kids. 
  • The marble bag is from Penelope Hope 
  • The packing cubes are from Amazon 

I think you know where the Never Off Duty t-shirt is from, but if you don't have a look around this website for lots of mama treats! 

All the links to the products above are in the video. I would love to know in the Youtube comments if you find this video useful and what tips you have for flying with children. 

Enjoy the video. Thank you for watching and please, let me know if you would like more family hack videos.