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After the age of 35 we lose 3 - 8% muscle mass every decade. This rate increases for women after menopause and for men and women after the age of 60. 

What does this mean for you? You start to lose definition, you gain weight more easily because having muscle increases your metabolism, and you gradually find things more strenuous and challenging compared to how you found them in your 20s. 

What can you do to change this? This is the part that is confusing for a lot of people. "Should I be lifting, should I be running, how many times a week should I do these things?" My programmes take the guess work out for you. 


My workouts use metabolic conditioning and are a combination of strength/resistance training and high-intensity interval training (HIIT), designed to improve strength, cardiovascular fitness and build lean muscle. The workouts use dumbbells (starting from 1kg and upward depending on your level), resistance bands, and bodyweight exercises to blast all major muscle groups. If you have kettlebells I have created a range of exercise videos for that too. 

Improving our cardio fitness is really important to avoid cardiovascular health problems, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart diseases, diabetes and strokes. 

Increasing our strength through training with weights and body weight is equally as important for increasing your metabolism, increasing bone density, and preserve and enhance your muscles. 

People who incorporate strength training into their workouts will age differently compared to people who aren't paying attention to that muscle mass. 


  • Rapidly improve strength and cardiovascular fitness
  • Increase lean muscle
  • Reduce unwanted fat
  • Put your metabolism into overdrive
  • Set fitness goals – then smash them with me! 

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Before you start this programme, I want you to be clear on your 'why?' and what you are willing to do to get where you want to be.

You might want to look good for a holiday, but I'm going to ask you to look way beyond that. I want you to think of the longer term and of this being a lifestyle change that you can stick to forever.

View your health and fitness as a marathon, not a sprint. There are endless benefits to regular exercise and I want you to experience and enjoy them all. 

My programmes will give you more energy, more confidence, more stamina, more strength, and better performance in some of your sporting hobbies.

Do this programme not for just looking good for the summer but for ageing well, and looking and feeling healthy for life. Being that person who looks 'great for their age' and can inspire their children, and maybe even their grandchildren. 


The most effective part of training with me is accountability. There are thousands of free videos on YouTube we can all access, but having someone keep you accountable, help you with the correct form, discuss your goals and help and support you to meet them is the most valuable asset.

This is not a generic exercise programme that has been picked off the peg with some random person you've never met before showing you the exercises. It's a tailored package with me as your guide throughout.

Instead of a huge library of exercises to wade through, I will take the guess work out of it for you. No more overwhelm - just focused action.


    Here's a snap shot of what some of the pages in my fitness app look like.  


    This programme is designed to help you get your body where you want it, give you confidence, support and create healthy habits and real, lasting change! 


    My clients in these pictures have not lost weight they have lost inches! The scales are not your friend if you are strength training for weight loss. Don't pay too much attention to them!

    We're working on changing your body composition (reducing fat tissue and increasing muscle mass) and increasing your metabolism through HIIT and resistance training. 

    No fad diets, no unrealistic restrictions. Just being more aware eating healthier, eating more protein and exercising three times a week. Long term change comes from realistic changes in your habits and staying consistent with them. 


    If you would like to book a free 20 minute call with me to discuss the programme, please fill in this application form here and I'll be in touch.

    Once you’ve completed my programme there will be options to continue to a new level that will take you further. 

    BUY the 16 week programme here.

    If you would just like to just do normal one-to-ones with me in person (if you live in the Cotswolds) or online please message me here.

    My prices are £40 for 60 minutes or £228 for six sessions booked in a block. 

    What are the advantages of online training? 

    The biggest advantage of online training is the convenience. Being able to do your exercise as and when you want to without finding the extra time to travel or fit in with someone else's timetable. There's greater privacy, if you're self conscious using a gym or going to a class. You save money on travel and paying to park. And if you have young children it's easier to fit it in around them, you don't have to pay childcare costs. 

    Accountability, motivation and support are what most people require. Working with me either through the programme, or individual one-to-one sessions provides just that. 

    My online personal training programme clients have access to resources such as my video exercise library that you can refer to between our fortnightly one-to-one sessions, as well as the dedicated app where you can record your workouts (including walks), body measurements, see progress, set goals, directly chat with me, log your food and water intake, access bonus videos on motivation, energy, planning workouts etc.

    You believe you can't afford the programme or one-to-ones

    I appreciate you may not be able to afford this programme or one-to-ones, which is why I provide free content on my social media channels and on YouTube. 

    But sometimes, it is down to what we see as a priority in our life. 

    If you needed to replace your phone, you would figure out a way to buy a new one because it is imperative to your life. It's a priority. Some of us value a brand new car, or getting our hair done every 6 weeks. 

    Why don't we value and prioritise our health, fitness and body confidence in the same way? 

    We often spend more than we realise on things that we could live without, such as a takeout coffee everyday (£120 a month) snacks and cakes, a bottle of wine after work (£80 a month maybe more), another pair of trainers... 

    You think you can do it yourself

    But is that really true?

    I know there are a ton of resources out there for free. But you can waste SO much time over all the conflicting opinions and none of the free resources out there are going to come close to what having a private coach can do for you.

    You can do my Instagram and YouTube workouts, but those are going to be very general and not at all specific to you and your goals.

    If you want to spend forever stopping and starting non specific workouts rather than get a program designed for you in less than 48 hours and start seeing results in 4 months or less, then by all means, keep doing that. I won't stop you. But you're missing out.

    Inside my 1:1 coaching, you're going to gain the tools and knowledge needed to make wellness decisions that are right for YOU. You'll build habits and strength that will be impactful in your life long after you train with me. 

    So what are you waiting for? Let's get you off on the right track, get your body back, and keep you accountable. 

    Fill out the form here and I will be in touch.