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Monthly Membership - Beth Fitness
Monthly Membership - Beth Fitness
Monthly Membership - Beth Fitness

Monthly Membership - Beth Fitness

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Full body metabolic conditioning workouts with me, Beth Campagna. The guaranteed way to fire up your metabolism, increase your strength and fitness and build a healthy body. 

For these workout you will need dumbbells, a resistance band and a kettlebell. I will discuss with you in an initial consultation what weights will be most suitable. 


Big goals can seem intimidating at first, but by using my fitness app to record your workouts, and walks, you can ensure that you are doing everything you need to reach your goals.

What the membership includes: 

  • TWO live 30 min workouts a week - Mondays 1pm, Wednesdays 6am (times differ during school holidays)
  • Access to my huge library of workouts, which you can schedule into your in-app calendar. 
  • Accountability from me when I message to congratulate you on your workout or if you haven't worked out for a few days I'll message you to check-in. 
  • ONE 30 min goal setting session with me at the beginning of the membership. 
  • Body measurements charting for you to update every 6 weeks. (optional)
  • PDF guides on: fat loss guide, habits and exercise and nutrition for your body type
  • Coaching videos on motivation and energy, success for planning your workouts, muscle soreness, dieting and meal planning.
  • Progress badges and rewards in the app. 
  • Sync my fitness app with Apple Watch, Garmin, and FitBit so all your workouts, including your walks, runs, cycles... are recorded in the app. 
  • In-app messaging in the community and helpful resources on fitness from me. 
  • Option to add progress photos
  • Input your meals and for an extra £10 a month and get 1:1 support with your nutrition. 


All members will have access to messaging in the Beth Campagna Fitness community inside the app. 

In there I will also share useful information and tips every Friday for your fitness journey. 


I am available around the clock to provide support and keep you accountable. I will always congratulate you if you have completed your workouts. 

Want to work with me? 

Fill in the Google form here. 

Customer Reviews

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Joined Team Lifted & Haven’t Looked Back 🤸‍♀️

I am so glad I made the decision to join Beth’s 3 month programme back in April this year.
Literally not long after I turned 50 last year, I started to notice changes to my body. I was gaining weight around my middle, I felt that any muscle definition I had ever had was fading fast and it was really getting me down. Hot flushes became hot sweats and I was experiencing 40 to 60 a day, no joke!
Welcome to the menopause!
I have never been into going to the gym, so joining the programme was a big change for me. I am a dance teacher and everyone assumes that means you’re fit but it doesn’t. I realised this very quickly when I went for my first benchmark test 😅 my treadmill time was woeful and I could barely lift 2kg!
I was also apprehensive about some of the core work because I have got an umbilical hernia which I have had since I had my 2 children 23 years ago.
Beth is amazing, she showed me how to adapt the exercises to suit my hernia and my nearly recovered frozen shoulder. She is great fun to be with and she certainly know how to get the best from you.
She is so encouraging and has shown me that I can push myself so much further than I ever thought.
I have now been with Beth 7 months and have so much to thank her for, without her I know I would have given up on my new found levels of fitness.
I will happily choose to do 45 minutes HIIT, lift weights up to 6kg and can even do the advanced versions of the ab exercises despite the hernia (something I never thought would be possible for me). My hot sweats have virtually disappeared, I have gained muscle definition and feel so much better about myself.
I get up early to do my workouts and believe me, there have been so many days where I could have easily stayed in bed but the euphoria and satisfaction when you’ve finished your workout is GOLD 💫
I love being a member of Team Lifted. Thanks so much Beth, you’re stuck with me now 😁