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Do you often find yourself staring at a wardrobe full of clothes with nothing to wear? We all do it, and there are a few reasons why you feel uninspired by what you have. 

The fault isn't with your clothes. It's with you. Before you get defensive, I'm not blaming your style. Rather, your shopping habits. Do you go with impulse or snag things just because they're cute? Do you shop trends but don't think basics deserve your hard earned cash? All these things help to trip up a closet.

In this video I cover 7 style tips to help you put outfits together, build your wardrobe and fall in love with your clothes again.

I talk about defining you style and your style words. If you're not familiar with style words, they are the words that you feel describe your look. For example, 

Style words
I also cover how thinking about your lifestyle and what you spend most of your time doing helps you make good purchasing decisions with your shopping budget. The wardrobe basics you need to create a capsule wardrobe. And where to look for style inspiration, such as Pinterest

You can also download the free Mama Life London step-by-step style and shopping guide to your phone or computer.