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Seven ways to wear a slogan t-shirt

‘Debbie says use condoms.’ the perfect scandalous sentiment to adorn my university walls. This cool framed picture had earned Blondie her place on my bedroom wall of icons. I stood back and admired my handy hanging work, whilst wearing my ‘fcuk it’ t-shirt.

A bold, risqué slogan to have emblazoned across my boobs. It had a little more punch to it than the tight MORGAN t-shirts that were also knocking about my wardrobe, along with the fake D&Gs. I’d come of an age where I could fearlessly express my attitude to life through fashion. I’m definitely a ‘fcuk it’ kind of gal, a total ‘winging it’ woman. 

Checking out my new ‘oh so cool’ wall it was clear to see that these spunky icons had blazed the trail in making shock statement slogan tees a must have fashion item. The 80s George Michael telling me to CHOOSE LIFE, I was finally getting the FREEDOM (excuse the pun) to choose it. 

While my early 90s velvet floppy hat and paisley floaty dress had just a fleeting stop in my fashion world - and for reasons beyond my comprehension have failed to return to the High Street (I say that with complete sarcasm) the slogan tee has stood the test of time. 

What makes them as on-point now as they were 40 years ago? Is it that there is no better way to express your views, your personality or give a snap shot of what’s going on in your life through fashion than with a graphic tee? You can show the world your fun side, your sexy side, your ‘this is how I’m feeling right now’ side. 

Now that I’m a MAMA my life has changed immeasurably! The slogan that defines who I am now has definitely taken on a new form. Although after experiencing life with two small children I cannot think of a more perfect slogan to wear than ‘Debbie says use condoms’.

Although I’m well into my 30s, I still love dressing casual with a classic pair of kicks. I still hold on to my youthful side that likes to wear a stylish statement t-shirt. But what encapsulates my new life? 

Now I want a slogan that connects me with other mothers. For another mama to see it and say “Yep, I know what you mean! I’m definitely there with you.” 

Ascending up the escalator with my two lively kids and bags full of shopping a mother tapped me on the shoulder and said “I love your jumper. Ain’t that the truth!” I was wearing my ‘Never Off Duty’ sweatshirt.

You have a conversation, a connection that would never have happened otherwise. Being a parent is all consuming and a top that unites you in your journey through the ups and downs, peaks and troughs, insane and relentless world of parenting is the new goal. 

The graphic tee and slogan jumpers are perfect for my slummy mummy style. What slogan would best describe your Mama Life? Please let me know in the comments. 

Seven Ways to Wear a Slogan T-shirt

Blaze a trail 

Add a touch of sophisticated style with a blazer. The throwback to the 80s check jackets are a particular autumn favourite this season and would make the Miami Vice cast proud. 

Mama Life London Sisterhood T-shirt with a blazer

Get leathered

Leather leggings and trousers may sound a little bit bad ass for a day time outfit, but on the practical side with kids, they’re wipe clean!! 

Go double denim

A denim jacket teamed with dark denim jeans and a slogan top is a ‘jean’ius look.  

Live colourfully

Add some bright block colours to your wardrobe. Go red to toe with a full red coat and red shoes or include some other primary colours for a fun fashion twist. 

Weak at the knees

Tuck in your tee to a knee length skirt, whether it’s plaid or pencil for a classic smart/casual look.

Earn your stripes

The side stripe trouser is looking incredibly cool at the moment. They can easily be dressed down with trainers or dressed up with heals, and look super stylish with a slogan tee. 

Stay classic

You can’t beat a pair of jeans with a slogan top. Super simple and super cosy, especially if it’s paired with a trusty pair of trainers!