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How to look stylish in active wear all day

When your life jumps from one thing to the next without many breaks in between, it's good to know cool ways to style your workout wear to take you through the day.

Since it's now socially acceptable to live in leggings, thanks to countless lockdowns, I thought I would give you some outfit ideas to seamlessly transition you from work to workout class, lunches to lunges. You can effortlessly achieve all day gym-wear chic with these few tips. 

Green dapple leggings styled with a leather jacket
Mix up the Materials
Wear a cashmere jumper with your lycra leggings, or add a blazer or leather jacket to give your look a little more edge. By wearing garments that you won't find in your local sports wear store you can really elevate your look. 
Layer your look 
Add some extra layers for an opportunity to smarten up your pre-gym look. A shirt and a denim jacket, or a t-shirt and a blazer, thrown over the top of a sports bra and leggings will add that extra stylish dimension to your outfit. 
Keep the colours neutral 
Smarter styles are obviously easier to achieve if you stick with a plain and muted colour palette. Darker leggings will look a lot more chic than multi-coloured leggings, and it's less likely your boss will pick you up on them if you decide to sneak this outfit into the office. 
Add accessories 
Some jewellery, maybe a chain and bracelet, and a leather bag will add that little extra to your outfit. Clean white trainers are also my personal favourite to add to your outfit, or a pair of boots in colder weather. 
For more ideas, you can watch the YouTube video I did last summer on leggings outfit ideas. 
What do you love to wear to style up your leggings? Let me know in the comments. 
Beth x