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Many of you have said over on Instagram that you would like for me to do a video on 'How to hide the mummy tummy'. So last week, I did a quick 10 minute video with a few nifty tips and tricks on how to dress to hide your belly, without leaving you looking and feeling shapeless.

There is nothing more time consuming than being a mum, and in the midst of the motherhood grind of school runs, housework, clubs...(the list goes on) we fade from our lives. We lose a sense of our fashion individuality and dress in practical clothes because we're not sure how to dress our new body shape. We lose confidence in our looks and our style. But clothes that are fitted and well cut can be every bit as practical as baggy ones, it's just a question of learning what clothes are right for your body shape. 

I would love to hear if you have any tips and tricks for hiding our mummy pooch. Please let me know in the comments so we can share them with each other. 

I hope you enjoy watching this video and learn some great new tips on how to hide a tummy.