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5 minute butt strengthening workout

So I've decided lately to include some at home, quick workouts for busy mums. I do these workouts regularly and they are great for when you haven't got much time in your day, as well as for working on core areas of your body. 

As a runner, your glutes (your butt) are really important to strengthen and activate. So I do this video most days. 

It has 5 minutes of intense exercise, which you can do with or without a band. If you want to increase the intensity next time you can purchase bands from Amazon or most online fitness stores. Each exercise is 30 seconds. 

I have included stretches at the end because I cannot emphasise enough the importance of stretching!! You're less likely to get aches and pains the next day if you do them, and you're also less likely to suffer with injuries if you continue to stretch after each workout. 

Let me know if you enjoyed this video and if you would like longer videos or other videos from me?

I'm going to add some 10 minute videos up on to the Mama Life London YouTube channel soon. 

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