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Join my core program to add strength and definition to your core muscles.

I absolutely love working my core muscles, and the benefit of having a strong core goes way beyond having a six pack. A strong core is so unbelievably important for injury prevention, improving stability, balance, posture and reduction of back pain.

Your core isn't just your abs, it's also your deeper core muscles, your back, spine, hip flexors and pelvis. The exercises we do will also improve your glute strength too. 

This is for you if you currently exercise around once a week and have not had a baby within the last 12 months.

The program starts with a benchmark test to measure your current level of core strength.

You will then do four videos each week for 12 weeks that vary from 5 to 20 minutes of pure core work and then stretching.

Your initial benchmark tests will be repeated at week 4, 8 and finally week 12 to see how you have progressed through the program.

You will be able to message me via the in-app messaging service. I will know when you have done a workout, and when you haven't, which will help to keep you accountable and on track. I will message you when you have completed your workout to see how it went.

This program will also include a video from me to watch on diet and nutrition for helping you to get the definition you desire.

The program is £12.50 a week (£1.80 a day), £50 every 4 weeks for 12 weeks. 

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