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“OUCH!” The first tug of my big earring from those tiny little hands and it soon became clear that my love for wearing fashion jewellery was soon going to be shelved. I’d park them, temporarily, next to my high heels and clutch bags and replace them with stud earrings and a change bag full of more things than a hiker takes on an expedition to the Himalayas. 

There soon comes a point when these fun fashion items can return, but we become so use to living without them that we completely forget about adding these extras back into our outfits. 

It’s the little finishing touches that can really make a difference to an outfit and boost our confidence in our clothes. For me, it’s the smaller choices I make. Items that take minutes to add to a really casual outfit but can make my t-shirt and jeans appear more put together and help me to feel better in what I’m wearing. 

So here they are the 5 quick ways us busy mums can add style to an ordinary outift. 

Add layers of jewellery

Two years ago, I hardly wore any jewellery. Fearing my necklaces would be ripped from my neck and my pendants chewed and snapped in half - this actually happened. Fast forward to my children being aged 3 and 7 and I have rediscovered my love for shiny accessories. 

Adding and layering jewellery can really bring my relaxed outfit together. My t-shirt is lifted from an item just thrown on to a finished look. 

Wear a scarf

Accessories, whether it’s jewellery or a scarf will boost your style. A scarf is a fantastic way to dip your toes into a new trend. If you like the leopard print look, but don’t feel brave enough to wear a garment in the print, a scarf is an easy and affordable way to add a new season’s rage into your wardrobe. 

They’re perfect during the winter and in-between seasons for lifting your style and keeping you warm. If my outfit is basic from top-to-bottom adding a pop of colour or a funky print with a scarf never fails to give my look that little extra something.

If you’re not sure on ways to wear a scarf, have a look at my accessories YouTube video. 

Pick out your favourites

Move those saggy jeans and bobbly jumpers to the back of the wardrobe. Or better still, throw them out all together. If you don’t feel confident when you’re wearing them, they’re better off not being there at all. A casual outfit doesn’t have to leave you feeling underdressed. A t-shirt and jeans is such a versatile look that hasn’t gone out of trend since it first came in. Pick out the jeans that make you happy. A great pair of skinny jeans will go with most things in your wardrobe and there are so many styles, colours and price ranges to choose from that you can easily add a slight twist to your casual look. 

Put on a small heel 

Whether it’s boots or courts, a little heel can take a relaxed style from looking good to looking amazing! I love to wear white trainers with a t-shirt and jeans, but a small heel takes the look up a level. 

Boost with a Blazer

Swap the cardigan or zip-up hoodie for a blazer and totally transform your look from scruffy to polished. Blazers that are houndstooth, check or tweed are masters at covering up marks. So your child’s spilt babyccino won’t show up nearly as bad. A bigger, double-breasted blazer also looks awesome over a hoodie. 

Belt it up

A belt wrapped around a long cardigan or through your trousers gives you every bit the finished look. Belts are key pieces to have in your wardrobe and are fantastic in terms of cost per wear. A classic leather belt that you will keep for years is worth investing in, but if it’s just a quick passing trend, like a neon or animal print belt, then save your hard earned money for a cheap high street option. 

All these little extra items take just minutes to add and will ultimately give a little fun and style to a simple, relaxed outfit, which even the busiest mum can achieve. 

What are the favourite pieces in your wardrobe that complete your look? Have you purchased anything new this season that you can’t wait to wear? I always like to hear about what’s new in the shops and fashion tips. I’d love to know if this blog has given you any style inspiration.