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Best Water Resistant Running Jackets for Women

I usually shy away from running in the rain, or if I really have no choice, I prefer not to wear a jacket because I hate getting really clammy. 

However, last night I went out for a run in the rain and decided to test out how the Mama Life London running jacket holds up. I was not disappointed.

The mesh under the arms created the perfect level of breathability and the long sleeve top I wore underneath didn't even get slightly wet. 

Obviously there's no hood on this jacket, but if you're like me and really dislike hoods then that won't be a problem. I always prefer to wear a cap when it rains to keep drops off my face. Whenever I've worn a hood I've had a constant battle of them either falling down or filling up with wind and transforming into an unwanted sail behind me. 

In this video I review a selection of running jackets from Nike, Trespass and of course Mama Life London to help give you an idea of the right jacket for you. 

I would love to know which you prefer and if you're a keen runner. You can let me know in the video's comments.