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If you're looking for some inspiration on ways to wear a pleated skirt, I've been at it again finding some hot high street picks and teaming them up with Mama Life clothing, among other tops, to help you get some fresh wardrobe ideas.

The pleated skirt is staying on trend through 2019. I'm personally a huge fan. For me it ticks both boxes of sophistication mixed with street style. If you've had your eye on one but haven't added it to your wardrobe yet, then go for it! Floral, monochrome, metallic, animal print, faux leather, plain, pleated printed skirts...they are here to stay. 

If you are on the shorter side, pick a skirt that finishes below the knee so it doesn't shrink you. If you have a tummy, look for pleated skirts that lay flat across your torso so that it minimises your bump and draws the eye to your other assets.  

It's a garment that you can make look like an everyday item and not feel overdressed. I'll show you how in this video.

Are you a fan of them already? 

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